Pre-painted Giant Fire Snail

The giant fire snail peacefully munches on rocks and ores in mountain mines. Some dwarves have taken up snail wrangling. Feeding the snails impure ores and collecting more purified metals as waste from the snails.

 Pre-painted Giant Marsh Snail

The giant marsh snail has thick, hardened hide protecting it from the many predators in the marshes. Some say the metallic sheen is from the types of mushrooms it is frequently seen eating.

Metallic Primed Giant Snail

A primed giant snail ready to be painted into whatever subspecies of magical snail you can think of.

Pre-painted Diplodocus

The diplodocus is home too many marshes and swamps of the worlds. It is typically a docile animal, however its long tail and large feet can cause significant damage if you are close enough to get hit when the excited diplodocus spots a tasty snack.

Pre-Painted Diplodocus Platform Saddle

Tamed diplodocus make for great swamp transportation. Fitted with wide boat like saddles, a party can make it through even the deepest of swamps with little trouble.

Metallic Primed Diplodocus 

A primed diplodocus for your painting enjoyment. Change up the color patterns for unique pets, or even create subspeicies that exist elsewhere in the world.

Pre-painted Spinosaurus

The spinosaurus can be found chasing giant fish in vast swamps, large rivers, and some costal areas of the world. While a fierce and hungry predator it will pass up many land dwelling creatures in favor of fish snacks.

Pre-painted Spinosaurus Saddle

Some merfolk and lizard folk have learned how to tame spinosaurus and they make for the perfect amphibious war beast. The trick is to have a bond with the beast otherwise you might be its next snack.

Metallic Primed Spinosaurus  

A primed spinosaurus is perfect for taming. The process of painting it will give your character the bond required to not be eaten by your questionable pet. (dependent on the DMs whims)